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Mahnmal zur Erinnerung an das Massaker vom 8. April 1945

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Justizvollzugsanstalt Celle

Das Celler Loch is visible in the center.

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Kriegsgräberstätte Oerbke

30,000 Soviet dead – quite a contrast to smiling British faces. The Friedhof is down a kilometer dirt road in a quiet, pleasant woods. There are birds calling in the trees and the roar of highway traffic beyond.

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Stalag XI B

This is the most kitsch memorial I’ve ever seen. It seems almost a parody of memorial placards. I poked around in the woods and by the road a little but couldn’t find any foundations.

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KZ Fuhlsbüttel

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Jungfernstieg 41

Now a shoestore, this was the boutique where Ensslin was arrested. The space we are looking at is where she spent the last free moments of her life.

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Große Bleichen 3

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Untersuchungshaftanstalt Hamburg

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KZ Neuengamme

I see these sentiments and I want it so much to be true and I don’t know what to do about it. I find this heartbreaking.

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Lübecker Straße 139

Drei Tage lang steckten die Polizisten drei Schlüssel in 2167 verschiedene Schlüssellöcher, ohne dass die Bewohner der Häuser etwas davon merkten. Am dritten Tag hatten sie das passende Schloss gefunden; eine Wohnung im dritten Stock in der Lübecker Straße 139. … Continue reading

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